The Guitar Tunings DB houses 91 online guitar tuners. All guitar tuners have their own page. Each guitar tuner page has respective song lists which use the guitar tuner. 16 of the guitar tuners have their own chord chart making it easy for you to make use of the guitar tuner.

Finding guitar tuners is easy on GTDB. A link to every guitar tuner can be found in the left side bar. The top ten most guitar tuners have been grouped together and can be found on the main Online Guitar Tuner page. A second grouping of guitar tuners along with a detailed song list with links to tab has been put together to feature Nick Drake and his large array of guitar tunings. We even have a selction of Cigar Box Guitar Tuners all on line and free to use where ever you are.

You can embed any of the guitar tuners from GTDB on your own site or content. Just click the "Embed" tab on any of the guitar tuner pages for simple instructions.

All GTDB guitar tuners are made using well balanced and extremely high quality recordings from a top of the range Taylor acoustic guitar; they sound lush!

Please post Guitar Tuners, Suggestions and Ideas on this page.

Each guitar tuner has it own embed code underneath so users can paste and embed the guitar tuner into their own website or blog enriching the content of their own site with a choice of over 70 guitar tuners.

Guitar Tunings Database

The Guitar Tunings Database page is a dynamic database.

Users can search by various search methods including

  • Guitar Tuning
  • Time Signature
  • Tempo
  • Major Key
  • Minor Key
  • Length
  • Date

Each search result displays the song and its details all on one row. From there you can click further into the database by clicking any of the active links in the given song row.

You can be quite creative with this database when creating play lists and set lists for bands.

For instance if you were playing through a certain artists songs or you were making a play list of some kind. You can find your favourite song and then find songs of a similar key or tuning so your set list or play list flows dynamically with the key signature of the songs.

Each song in the database has been scanned with with a harmonic analyser to find out the song Key. While this is effective and very powerful the software can sometimes not tally up with the initial Key of a song. Some music is very complex with harmonic fluctuations. If you see or know of any discrepancies on our database we would be most grateful to receive your finding through adding a comment to on the page that you found the issue. To all help received so far and to the help we will receive in the future. I would like to thank you very much for your keen eye and your support in making this database extremely useful to all.

Camelot was created by Mark Davis. What it is in a nutshell is a different labelling system for key signatures. For instance Camelot will be 8B for songs in the key of C Major and 8A for A Minor. When sorting columns by Camelot it is possible to achieve Harmonic Play lists, Band Set Lists, DJ Mixes etc.

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